About us

World Journal Series is published by the International Research and Development Institute. International Research and Development Institute is a independent organization established for the purpose of increasing the understanding of research and development problems confronting the developing world. Members are drawn from various universities and research institutes.

The Institutes objectives are to; 1) Promote Development Research Worldwide by mobilizing the word research community to undertake fundamental as well as policy-oriented research from a perspective which is relevant to the demands of all nations. 2) Encourage and support comparative research with an international perspective expressing the specificity of development processes in all nations. 3) Promote the publication and distribution of research out put of all scholars. 4) Promote a worldwide network for the dissemination of information in all areas of studies; 5) Promote and defend the principles of independent though and research and liberty of researchers; 6) Encourage co-operation and collaboration between universities and publishing organizations; 7) Promote contacts and develop interaction between the institute and similar international organizations; 8) Promote balanced gender, generational, regional, linguistic, and disciplinary representation and participation in its activities.

The institute shall seek to achieve its objectives through the following means; 1) Exchanging and disseminating information relating to research, training and publishing activities 2) Promoting translation into various languages of important publications and documents 3) Reinforcing the research and training capacity of universities, through the provision of scholarships, fellowships and grants 4) Organizing working groups, seminars and conferences 5) Promoting the exchange of academic staff between universities, research institutes, and publishing organizations. 6) Issuing and disseminating publications relevant to the activities of the institute.

World Journal Series is an organ of the international research and development institute charge with the responsibility issuing and disseminating publication relevant to the activities of the institute. World Journal Series activities are promoted and regulated by World Congress on Research Development which is made up of 12 conferences including the international conference on Sustainable Development.

List of Our Journals

1. Journal of Research in Engineering

2. International Journal of Educational Research and Administration

3. Journal of Social and Policy Issues

4. Journal of Law and Diplomacy

5. Journal of Research in Agriculture

6. Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

7. Journal of Management and Enterprise Development

8. International Journal of Environmental Science

9. Journal of Research in Bioscience

10. Journal of Research in Physical Sciences

11. Journal of Arts and Humanities

12. International Journal of Development Studies

13. Journal of Science and Technology Research


I. Amos
The Managing Editor,
World Journals Series,
University of Uyo,
P. O. Box 4210, Uyo
Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria,
Tel: +23480162034599