In association with Universities/Faculties/Department/Research Institute and Kan Educational Books and other reputable publishers, the Institute publishes a number of research journals. Research articles written in English or French are invited from interested scholars and researchers in the academic community and other establishments for publication in the Institutes Journals.

Manuscripts are received on the understanding that they are original and unpublished works of the author(s) not considered for publication elsewhere. The title pages should contain the title of the article(s), name(s), qualification(s), status/rank and affirmation of the author(s). Submitted manuscripts are circulated for review without the author's name and institutional identification.

Authors are encouraged to describe their finding in terms intelligible to the non-professional/expert reader. All works cited in the text must be listed under references in alphabetically order (the author's name and the year of publication).Articles for publications should be sent to our Email or the address below:

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at the addresses and telephone Number here given: The Managing Editor, University of Nigeria, P. O. Box 3273 Nsukka, Enugu State Nigeria. Tel: +2348035857585 Email: .

Review Procedure

All manuscripts will be reviewed by two or more referees to ensure accuracy and relevance. Based on the referee's recommendation, a manuscript may be reviewed by author before final acceptance.


Submission of a manuscript indicates a tacit understanding that the paper is not actively under consideration for publication with other journals. Once a paper is accepted for publications the author cede copyright to the International Research and Development Institute.


Processing and page charges are levied on all authors of accepted manuscript. N10,500 for Nigeria, and US$100 for other countries. Each corresponding author is entitled to a copy of the published journal in which one's articles appeared.

Online Journals

At the same time as online resources from the developed world are made available to the third world, there is need to be corresponding online availability of information from the third world. Important areas of research in the third world are not necessarily covered by publications from the developed world. Third World Countries need to collectively play a greater role in the global online scholarly environment. Researchers in the third world also need access to their own scholarly publications. Mainly due to difficulties accessing them, research papers published in the third world have been under-utilized, under-valued and under-cited in the developed world and third world research arenas.

The internet is a good way to change this, but many hundreds of worthy, peer-reviewed scholarly journals publishing from the world cannot host their content online in isolation because of resources limitations and the digital divide. Valuable information has not reached the people who need it. At IRDI we are working to change all these.

In 2008 the Institute initiated the IRDI Online project. The project aimed at promoting the awareness and use of Journals published in the world Journal Series by providing access to tables of contents, and Abstracts of Articles published by World Journal Series on the Internet. The project was evaluated at the end of 2010, and it was recommended that IRDI online project be continued with a more sophisticated database capable of providing full paper and the programme expanded to include Journals published by four other Journal series – namely Duncan Science Journal Series, African Journal Series, Pan-African Journal Series, Blackwell Journal series and CATR Journal series who indicated interest to join the network and made available their financial and material contributions.

The IRDI online project is currently hosting the following Journal Series online

Publishing organizations wishing to host their Journals online in the IRDI website should send their application to the Executive Director, IRDI online project, International Research and Development Institute, 210/212 Calabar-Itu Highway, Urua-Ekpa Junction, P. O. Box 790, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.


Tel: +2348061330990

Note: An individual Journal is free to join IRDI online project provided it has the consent of the Journal Publishers.

The IRDI Online project provides the following services for each of its participating journals

  • 1. Free journal home page on the IRDI Online Project (includes contact details, editorial information and instructions to authors).
  • 2. Free meta-data hosting.
  • 3. Free full text hosting.
  • 4. International exposure to over 10,000 researchers each month.
  • 5. Potential extra revenue stream from increase on subscription demand.
  • 6. Currently, the loading of Journal content to the IRDI website is done by IRDI staff.

5 Criteria For Journal Inclusion

  • 1. The journal must be scholarly in content, and contain original research (in addition to other content)
  • 2. The content is peer-reviewed and quality controlled
  • 3. The Journal will provide all content for inclusion on IRDI (tables of contents, abstracts, and full text) in electronic format
  • 4. The journal guarantees permission from the authors to allow IRDI to operate a document delivery/article download service
  • 5.The journal is published within the third world, management of publishing strategy, business development and production operation are all run from a third world country.

Contact Us

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