Call for Papers

Research articles written in English or French are invited from interested scholars and researcher in the academic community and other establishments for publication in any of the following journals:

African Journal of Social Policy and Administration

African Journal of Arts and Cultural Studies

African Journal of Educational Research and Administration

African Journal of Agricultural Research and Development

African Journal of Physical Sciences

African Journal of Engineering Research and Development

African Journal of Bioscience

African Journal of Management and Administration

African Journal of Medical Sciences

African Journal of Law and Contemporary Issues

African Journal of Sustainable Development

African Journal of Science and Technology

No single article need include all of the following parts. The type of article and subject covered will determine which parts to include. TITLE; ABSTRACT usually 200-250 words summarizing main points; KEYWEORDS Usually 4-6 Keywords are required; INTRODUCTION Different from the abstract in that it "sets the stage" for the content of the article rather than telling the reader what it is all about; MAIN BODY may incorporate subtitle, artwork, photos, etc; CONCLUSION assessment of results or restatement of points in introduction, REFERENCES use author/date citation method. Numbered footnotes or endnotes will be converted. Include complete publication information. Standard is the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed., the University of Chicago Press.

All manuscripts will be reviewed by two or more references to ensures accuracy and relevance. Based on the referee's recommendation, a manuscript may be reviewed by the author before final acceptance.

Manuscript should be submitted electronically as attachment through our Email:

Manuscript should not be more than 5000 words. Authors are encouraged to describe their findings in terms intelligible to the non professionals/experts readers. For more information contact us at the addresses and telephone number below:

Managing Editor
African Journal Series,
University of Nigeria, P.O.Box3273, Nsukka,
Enugu State, Nigeria.

The Executive Secretary,
Devon Science Publication,
13/14 Onuiyi Link Road P.O.Box 279
Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.

Tel: +2348034902373

The title page should contain the title of the article(s), Name(s), Status/Ranks and affiliation of the author(s). Submitted manuscripts are circulated for review without the author's name and institutional identification


B. N. Eze,
Managing Editor,
Devon Science Publication,
13/14 Onuiyi Link Road,
P. O. Box 279
Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.

Tel: +2347038799152

More Contact

The Managing Editor
African Journal Series
University OF Nigeria
P.O Box 3273, Nsukka,
Enugu State, Nigeria.