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The International Research and Development Institute is an independent institution established for the purpose of increasing the understanding of research and development problems confronting the developing world. The organization assist in global capacity building for integrated global sustainable development through the application of research and advanced training to the problems of development practice and public policy. An integral part of this task is to develop local capacity which holds the key to the future of the developing countries. In association with government and the academic community, International agencies; non-governmental organizations, foundations, community groups, private bodies and individuals, the organization seeks to improve the quality of life worldwide in particular in the developing countries by providing a forum for exchange of ideas and a resource for public awareness. The institution assists policy makers and development experts in the Campaign to enhance integrated sustainable global development. The institution examines development trends, particularly where there is a resource allocation problem. The organization's attention is geared towards institution building which involves providing technical assistance and support to institution and community based network of projects. The International Research and Development Institute Research are focus on specific issues and are communicated through publications, conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings, policy briefings and formal Education. The result of the institution's research, training and other programs are employed by government, policy makers, the media, the academic community, action groups, non-governmental organizations and all those concerned about third world development in general and as they relate to the entire international community. In general the policies, programs and activities of the International Research and Development Institute are aimed at increasing the understanding of the development problems facing the developing countries and to promote awareness of the importance of these countries to he developed countries in the increasingly interdependent international system. International Research and Development Institute's financial support comes from government, cooperation, foundation, international agencies and private individuals. The organization receives with pleasure monetary and non monetary gifts and assistance such as books, journals, computers, teaching/training aids and materials. The International Research and Development Institute may be named as a beneficiary of a trust agreement or property/money may be bequeathed to the institute by means of a legally executed will. For more information contact the Director General, International Research and Development Institute, IRDI Secretariat, No 63 Itiam Street, P. O. Box 790, Uyo Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Tel: 08035857585 E-mail:


The International Research and Development Institute (IRDI) was established in 1997 by a leading scholar Dr. Aniekan Offiong as an authoritative institution for purpose of increasing understanding of development problems confronting the developing world through advance research and public education. The institution was registered in Nigeria in February 7, 2003 and recognized in November 16, 2006 with a New Council and Executive Committee. The secretariat building was commissioned in January 3, 2007 and a new secretariat structure was adopted headed by a Director General. The Institute is building a new campus on a beautiful 20,000 square meter site located along Calabar Itu Highway by the Science and Technology Park, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The first phase of the construction work has bee completed these included parameter fencing, 3 office blocks and a Guest House. The second phase of the construction project has begun which includes a four story multi purpose building and conference Hall. All major building in the institute will be multi-story.

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